Motion 5

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Mobility Improved – Flexibility Improved – Relief from Discomfort – Reduce Inflammation.

Product Description

When we first found this product line, a couple of our current deployed soldiers immediately tried the Motion5 product because of past injuries and the demanding physical training. One of our favorite members, Mark called and said after jumping out of planes all days and crashing into the lake, I am without pain and use of other medicine. Soon many other members of the team followed Marks lead and began using Motion5. This premium joint compound is not just ONE thing. It uses a new patent ingredient called BiovaFlex which is a registered trademark and patent.

It is called soluble egg membrane and comes from the small membrane of raw eggs. The benefits of this ingredient helps with mobility and a reduction of inflammation in the body. It is amazing.

But once again, Blackfish5 formulations are never just ONE thing. It is the unique composition of many things that make the difference. Blackfish5 calls is the ‘synergistic affect’ which mean the combination as a whole makes everything work better.

We like that it has other proven benefical ingredients like:

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Fucoidin (which comes from brown seaweed)
  • MSM
  • FruitX-B (a form of calcium)

Our science guys asked why Blackfish5 uses ancient herbal complexes and they simply stated; ‘because they are proven in holistic impact to the body function and has incredible clinical studies’. We think these Blackfish5 guys are on top of their game as most of the team swear by Motion5 in helping them on a daily basis to get through the daily activities.

Motion5 lives up to the tag line: ‘A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion’



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